Contributed Talks:

Amir Assari The Automorphism Group of a Graph”

Majid Abdollahi Kivi – “On connected tetravalent Cayley graphs of a non-abelian group of order $3p^{2}$”

Saeid Jafari – “Some Problems Concerning Finite Groups with Rational- Valued Irreducible Characters”

Uğur Ustaoğlu – ” Gröbner – Shirshov Basis and Normal Forms for the Affine Weyl Group $ \tilde{C}_{n}$”

  •   Kübra Dölaslan will present the paper titled “Automorphism and Fusion in Finite Groups” by P. Flavell.
  •   M. Levent Doğan will present a proof of “Thompson’s Normal p-Complement Theorem”.